South African companies face an enormous challenge competing in the global marketplace. Of importance is identifying and retaining key talent, developing and motivating employees, developing leadership talent and promoting improved performance. Varelec has an infrastructure, aligned with legislative requirements, which supports the achievement of organisational imperatives, through an important resource – THEIR PEOPLE.

Training and development is aligned to these organisational objectives in promoting short, medium and long-term development for all employees. The establishment of a good foundation of knowledge, skills, behaviour and motivation among employees is inevitable to instill a culture of high-performance and readiness to face any new challenge through a skilled and developed workforce.



  • Competency-based Training – which enables employees to be assessed, promoted, trained and developed according to consistent criteria.
  • Proven Effectiveness – Our learning systems are piloted and proven to build skills in critical job-related competencies and to positively change behaviour.
  • Constant UpdatingVarelec researches, evaluates and revises its learning content to keep pace with changing workplace demands. 
  • Assessment and Development – Classroom-based learning is evaluated to ensure that skills transfer takes place in the workplace. Development plans are designed to assist and motivate employees in areas where they have demonstrated a need.

The Varelec Curriculum offers a host of training Interventions, including Diversity Training, Customer Care, Leadership Development, HIV/AIDS, Sales Training, Financial Management and Succession Management.



As an equal opportunity employer the company endeavours to ensure the development and advancement of employees with potential at all levels of the group, drawing upon the best skills available from both within and outside of the organisation, in order to ensure a continuing sustainable competitive edge both now and in the future.

As part of this policy the group’s core value, amongst others, are:

  • Respect for the individual and regard for individual dignity.
  • Absence of discrimination.
  • Highest quality standard in all aspects of business.
  • Performance improvement through teamwork.
  • Meticulous detail to customer care.

Varelec also believes it has a specific responsibility to provide development opportunities to those people who have been excluded previously from the mainstream of economic activity.

This responsibility will be fulfilled by the promotion of black entrepreneurship through:

  • Joint Venture
  • Affirmative Purchasing



The group’s environmental policy is that the quality of air, water an soil should be be protected for the benefit of present and future generations.

As part of this policy the company’s core aims are to:

  • Meet all environmental, legal and regulatory requirements and develop it’s own standards where applicable.
  • Monitor, audit and report on performance with the aim of continual economic improvement.
  • Liaise with authorities to keep abreast with changes to legislation and with international standards.
  • Integrate environmental management as a consideration in daily management business decisions.
  • Investigate our environmental problems with the intention of improving our performance, including promoting prevention of hazardous situations, saving water and energy and promoting recycling.



Varelec will introduce an employment equity plan for the entire group in order to create change as required by law.


This is a process; therefore Varelec strategies are to create a pool of identified people  throughout the regions to be developed and trained to ensure successful transformation, which will conform to the Skills Training Act.


All previously disadvantaged individuals – Black, Coloured, Asians and Disabled persons – with the emphasis on female representation.