Varelec’s core business is the distribution of electrical and electronic components to industries, medical and commercial sectors. Varelec was established in 1995 distributing electrical supplies and has steadily grown its product range to one of the most comprehensive available, becoming a “one stop shop” for many of our valued clients. 

One of the reasons for Varelec’s explosive growth is the healthy relationships we maintain with our suppliers. This provides us with an intimate knowledge and understanding of the components market, both locally and internationally.

These strong partnerships help Varelec provide its customers with the right products at the right price at the right time, giving them the edge they require in this most competitive of environments. This has resulted in Varelec’s exponential growth and firmly placed Varelec as one of the leading components solutions provider in the local area.

Varelec’s success is attributed to a number of factors. Among these are a clear business vision, accurate marketing forecasts, responsible management, mature and effective financial controls, logistical expertise, excellent technical capabilities and superior product and service levels.

Part of our business practice is to be the source by choice of clients, whereby we promote a challenging workplace that stimulates and develops our staff who work as a team with respect and trust for each other. These traits have been recognised and rewarded. Our management style is open and direct, and job performance is supervised fairly and firmly.

Varelec has built its customer base on the foundations of listening and responding to our customers and suppliers, clearly communicating both intentions and expectations, making it easy to work with us. The latest innovative and competitive products can give an edge to our customers in this industry, which is the most competitive of environments.